New Season (Live)

New Season (Live)

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Israel & New Breed, Israel Houghton

Format: CD

New Season was recorded live and features worship leader Israel Houghton and the band New Breed with energetic praise & worship. With dynamic songs like "Come Holy Spirit," "Trading My Sorrows," and "I Exalt Thee," this album will lift you to your feet in celebratory praise. Also available, the accompanying songbook featuring all of the songs from the album plus six bonus songs from albums like Real. This 9x12 Songbook includes vocals as heard, piano score, chord symbols, and a guitar fingering dictionary.


  1. Trading My Sorrows
  2. Who Is Like the Lord
  3. You Are Good
  4. My Life Belongs to You
  5. Your Name Is Great
  6. There's a Liftin' of the Hands
  7. You've Won My Affection
  8. I Lift Up My Hands
  9. New Season
  10. Your Latter Will Be Greater
  11. Suddenly
  12. Come Holy Spirit Medley
  13. I Exalt Thee
  14. Not Unto Us


UPC: 000768197523
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