Never Gonna Stop Split Trax

Never Gonna Stop Split Trax

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Tommy Walker

Format: CD Trax

Never Gonna Stop celebrates Hosanna! Music's 100th album! Recorded live in Los Angeles, California, this joyful album captures a new sound of praise and features worship leader Tommy Walker along with world-class musicians like Bob Wilson and Jerry Watts. You'll sing along and celebrate with songs like "How Good And Pleasant," and "Never Gonna Stop," and worship the Lord with ballads like "He Knows My Name" and "When All Is Said And Done."


  1. How Good and Pleasant
  2. Only a God Like You
  3. He Saved Us to Show His Glory
  4. Give Us the Sounds
  5. Jesus, That Name
  6. When All Is Said and Done
  7. I Fix My Eyes On You
  8. Let's Think About Our God
  9. Where You Are
  10. I Hide Myself In Thee
  11. Jerry's Story (Tommy Talking)
  12. He Knows My Name
  13. How Could I But Love You
  14. Never Gonna Stop


UPC: 000768184691
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