Moving Forward

Moving Forward

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Free Chapel

Format: CD

Recorded live at 14,000 member Free Chapel in Gainesville, Georgia, this new release features worship leader Ricardo Sanchez, Grammy-Award winning artist Israel Houghton and a dynamic worship team in a powerful worship experience. Pastored by Jentezen Franklin, this multi-cultural church is a recognized leader in the Christian community. And with outreach programs on TBN and the Word Network, Jentezen is one of today's most respected teachers. Ricardo Sanchez is a seasoned worship leader and artist with over 15 years of experience ministering in churches and touring across America.


    1. Great God
    2. Say So
    3. Awesome God
    4. Moving Forward
    5. Is To Come
    6. I Call Your Name
    7. I Sing Praises To Your Name
    8. My Nation Healed
    9. Celebrate
  10. We Wait Upon You
  11. Prayer with Jentezen Franklin


UPC: 000768423028