Motions of Mercy

Motions of Mercy

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Luke + Anna Hellebronth

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Based in Birmingham, UK, husband and wife worship leaders Luke + Anna Hellebronth serve at St. Luke’s Gas Street under Reverend Tim Hughes, himself a renowned songwriter and worship leader. Luke and Anna are sought-after teachers of the practices and theology of worship and are an integral part of the Worship Central resource/training platform that serves worship teams across the globe.

The couple draws from their experiences as they witness the Spirit of God at work in different cultures to craft songs that connect humanity to the eternal. Their songs, including “Revive Us (Heavy Rain),” “All For Love (Gethsemane),” “See Me Through” and “Abide,” inspire a confidence in Jesus and awaken us to the reality of His Kingdom here on earth. Luke, known for penning “Spirit Break Out,” appears on the solo album Stand Up, and both Luke and Anna appear on the critically acclaimed Worship Central album Stir A Passion. The two now make their debut with Motions Of Mercy.


  1. Up & Alive
  2. See Me Through
  3. Abide
  4. Revive Us (Heavy Rain)
  5. Carried
  6. Written In The Skies
  7. Greatness
  8. Arrow
  9. All For Love (Gethsemane)
  10. Kingdom OF God


UPC: 0000768721124
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