Mission House

Mission House

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Mission House

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Mission House is the creative delta formed by Jess Ray and Taylor Leonhardt two artists from Raleigh, NC. The band is worship music through a folk-rock lenses that has the soul and guts of a singer-songwriter. In five words, Taylor and Jess describe Mission House as, beautifully simple, joyful, folk-rock worship. The Mission House EP and it s songs were born from Monday night community gatherings centered around a meal and worship. This community, later known as Feast & Feast, is an active, growing faith-based community / worship gathering in Raleigh, NC, which started as 10 friends meeting in a house and now encompasses 100+ young people representing over 40 churches in Raleigh. In fact, the EP was recorded with this community of friends at Jess's house, singing and playing on each song. When asked what they want people to take away from this EP, Mission House says, What we hope more than anything is that it brings the reality of Jesus into people's lives. The first worship records that we really loved were that way for us -- they gave us new language for loving Jesus, ways to talk to God we didn't have before. We hope people catch a glimpse of the love and peace and belonging that can only be found in God.



    1. Bless Your Name
    2. Nothing Left To Do
    3. I Don't Have Much
    4. Never See the End
    5. John 6
    6. Living Water
    7. Vision Of Your Love


UPC: 0000768727027

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