Miracle Or Not

Miracle Or Not

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Alisa Turner

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Hailed by CCM magazine as a “voice of the hopeful fearlessly pouring out hope,” Alisa Turner sings with passion and vulnerability. Her songs, including “Not Even Now,” “Safe” and “My Prayer For You,” (over 1.8 million YouTube views) capture something almost mystical, yet deeply rooted in the hard stuff and grit of the everyday. It’s the lilt and innocence in her voice and the heartbreaking but hopeful truth of her story – from years of battling illness to losing her infant son. That story
is woven throughout her debut album, Miracle Or Not, in a tapestry of grief, hope and redemption for which there is only one response: unfettered, unfiltered worship. Working with Dove Award winning songwriter and producer Michael Farren [“Trust In You”/ “Come Alive (Dry Bones)”], Alisa pours her experiences into eloquent, piano-driven psalms and modern laments, pointing to the God whose love and faithfulness never fails.



  1. Sing
  2. What A Day
  3. Not Even Now
  4. Barricades
  5. Safe
  6. Only My Jesus - feat. Leslie Jordan (All Sons & Daughters)
  7. Loved
  8. As It Is In Heaven
  9. Forever Holy
  10. My Prayer For You
  11. Psalm 13
  12. Miracles
  13. Miracle Or Not


UPC: 0000768711026
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