Mi Viaje

Mi Viaje

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Danilo Montero

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Danilo Montero is a celebrated Latin worship artist, writer, and speaker originally from Costa Rica.

Recognized as one of the pioneers in the Latin Christian music industry, Danilo has over than 20 albums to his credit and has toured over 30 countries around the world including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, and Israel.

During his career Danilo has received numerous awards including the Latin Grammy, Billboard Latin Music Award, Premio Arpa and a Dove Award nomination.

After 25 years of ministry, Montero accepted the call to serve as lead pastor of the vibrant Spanish-speaking congregation at Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas.

Currently, Danilo is in the studio recording his most recent project titled “Mi Viaje” (My Journey) with the celebrated Brazilian singer-songwriter, Thalles Roberto as a producer and composer. Montero will be part of a team of composers in collaboration with distinguished Latin Worship composers such as Coalo Zamorano and Emanuel Espinosa, among others.



  1. A Quien Tengo Yo?
  2. Vuelvo A Ti
  3. Tu Misericordia
  4. Cantaré De Tu Amor
  5. Has Aumentado Te Alabaré/Bueno Es Alabar
  6. El Señor Es Mi Pasto
  7. Yo No Sé Vivir Sin Jesús
  8. Viene, Viene, Viene
  9. Cuando Esta Iglesia Ora
  10. Hay Momentos
  11. Estamos Aquí Alabando A Dios
  12. Eres Todopoderoso/El Es El Rey/Salmo 84
  13. Con Mis Manos Levantadas
  14. Espontáneo


UPC: 0000768686928
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