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Julissa is a distinguished artist in the music industry with countless awards, and nominations including: Billboard Latin Music awards, Dove awards, Premios Paoli, and Premios arpa. She has toured extensively throughout Europe, Latin america and the United States playing to sold-out audiences in numerous venues. On her latest release Metamorfosis, Julissa emerges with a new sound and call that we are transformed to worship. Julissa delivers 11 brand new Latin worship songs including a fresh translation of the church anthem "El Gran You Soy" (The Great I am).


  1. Hacerte Sonrei­r
  2. Jehova
  3. Cuando Las Estrelles Se Apaguen
  4. Obra Maestra
  5. El Gran Yo Soy
  6. Eres Fiel
  7. Nadie Como Tu
  8. Quiero Expresar
  9. Nuevo Dia
  10. Nombre Sin Igual
  11. So Good (English Bonus Track)


UPC: 000768508121
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