Luz En Las Tinieblas

Luz En Las Tinieblas

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Freddy Rodriguez

Format: CD

Freddy Rodriguez is a worship leader that has been ministering to a multi-cultural congregation in an energetic and passionate journey taking them into the presence of God. His Hispanic heritage has birthed a new sound, mixing Latin, Gospel and modern worship creating a unique worship experience. This project is a LIVE recording that brings Gospel production to new heights!


  1. En El Santuario
  2. Recocéjate
  3. Maravilloso
  4. Nombre No Hay
  5. Correré
  6. Me Enamoro
  7. A Solas Ante Ti
  8. Esté En Ti
  9. Envuélveme En Ti
  10. Eres Asi
  11. El Que Levanta Mi
  12. Nada Se Iguala a Tu
  13. Campeones


UPC: 000768459324