Love Song For A City

Love Song For A City

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Martin Smith

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Renowned British recording artist, songwriter and producer Martin Smith has helped shape the modern worship soundscape for two decades. His work with the groundbreaking band Delirious? (Cutting Edge, King Of Fools) and his solo projects God’s Great Dance Floor and Back To The Start, have inspired and influenced worship leaders and worshippers alike.

Now, Martin releases his first live solo album, Love Song For A City. The 13-track project is a musical tour de force featuring songs recorded across the globe: from Singapore to Cape Town, Bogota to Brighton. Working with his band, Army of Bones, and featuring guest vocals from his daughter, Elle Limebear, Love Song For A City captures Martin’s passion for the local church and the excitement of thousands of worshipers around the world.



  1. Behold
  2. Come Holy Spirit
  3. Ecclesiastes
  4. Emmanuel
  5. Forever Yours
  6. God’s Great Dance Floor
  7. I Will Sing
  8. Jesus Only You
  9. Lead Of Faith
  10. Love Song For A City
  11. Majesty
  12. Song of Solomon
  13. Waiting Here For You


UPC: 0000768716021
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