Living for You (With Bonus DVD)

Living for You (With Bonus DVD)

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Gateway Worship

Format: CD

Launched in 2000, Gateway Church is one of the fastest growing congregations in America today. Located in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, Gateway is a dynamic church characterized by its passion for God and people, life-changing messages, and authentic worship. Living For You captures the songs and heartbeat of this local congregation. Join Worship Pastor Thomas Miller, the Gateway Worship team, a 150-voice choir, and the people of Gateway Church and experience this fresh new worship from one of America's Fasting Growing Churches! This enhanced CD includes 3 additional downloadable songs, desktop images, lyrics & PDF Chord Charts! -Plus a BONUS DVD featuring 5 Live Worship Songs is also included. CD Trax, Songbook, Worship Leader Assistant (CD ROM Songbook) and Orchestrations are also available.


  1. Come Thou Fount Come Thou King
  2. You You Are God
  3. Living for You
  4. Only One for Me
  5. No Sweeter Name
  6. Every Breath
  7. Revelation Song
  8. Bound
  9. Reason I'm Alive
  10. Overtaken
  11. Pure
  12. The More I Seek You
  13. Who You Are


UPC: 000768396827
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