Live in Europe

Live in Europe

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Brian Doerksen

Format: CD

Recorded on tour in Europe, this totally live CD puts you in the middle of thousands of Europeans as they worship God and sing along with many of Brian's best-loved songs. Full of fresh and exciting versions of classics like "Hope of the Nations" and "Come Now Is The Time To Worship," this album also features five songs not contained previous albums and introduces Brian's new song "When You Shepherd Me." At the special price of $6.99 this is one worship album you can't afford to miss!


    1. Hope Of The Nations
    2. Come, Now Is The Time To Worship
    3. You Are Everything (Everything I Need)
    4. When You Shepherd Me
    5. Sinfonia From Cantata No. 12 - featuring James Issac
    6. Psalms 13 (How Long O Lord)
    7. Faithful One
    8. Fortress 144
    9. Refiner’s Fire
  10. Lifted - featuring Brian Thiessen
  11. Hallelujah (Your Love Is Amazing)
  12. Today (As For Me And My House)
  13. Your Name Is Holy
  14. Stay (Orphan’s Song)


UPC: 000768383322
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