Live from Another Level

Live from Another Level

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Israel & New Breed, Israel Houghton

Format: CD 2 Pack

Live From Another Level, the highly anticipated new release from Israel & New Breed, captures the explosive spirit of true worship. Recorded live, this double CD includes an astounding 2 hours of powerful praise & worship - 21 new songs, favorites and medleys that will propel listeners into the presence of God. Produced by Israel and Aaron W. Lindsay, this follow to Israel's best-selling CD New Season, creates the perfect atmosphere of worship - a new sound of praise that's as passionate as its message. Songs like "Friend Of God," "Again I Say Rejoice" and "All Around" take worship to the next level.


  1. Come in from the Outside
  2. Again I Say Rejoice
  3. Again I Say Rejoice Reprise
  4. We Win
  5. All Around
  6. You've Made Me Glad
  7. I Hear the Sound
  8. Spoken Words
  9. So Easy to Love You
  10. Friend of God
  11. Spontaneous Worship
  12. Friend Medley
  13. Friend
  14. Rise Within Us
  15. Another Breakthrough
  16. Lord of the Breakthrough
  17. Breathe into Me
  18. Awesome Medley
  19. Here I Am to Worship
  20. Holy
  21. Going to Another Level


UPC: 000768297520
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