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Hailing from Australia, this energetic worship band has united believers all around the world. Planetshakers have taken their dynamic, raw and passionate modern worship style and songs from their home in Melbourne to the United States and Canada, the United Kingdom and Europe, South Africa and South East Asia. On this CD, Planetshakers have captured their most creative and contagious modern worship music to date. The songs on Limitless are sure to find their way into the playlists of tens of thousands, and to become the favorite worship songs sung in churches around the globe.


  1. Let Praise Awaken
  2. Put Your Hands Up
  3. Limitless
  4. Your Name Brings Healing To Me
  5. Great Is Your Love
  6. This One Thing
  7. The Anthem (Full Song)
  8. This Is The Day
  9. I'm Gonna Praise
  10. O My Heart Sings
  11. Rain
  12. You Are Stronger
  13. Rise Up


UPC: 000768514023