Light Up the World

Light Up the World

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Desperation Band

Format: CD

Filled with passionate songs birthed in the furnace of worship, prayer and intercession, Desperation Band's first studio album is a powerful experience calling the body of Christ to mercy and justice. Light Up The World is a fresh new sound of worship from the Desperation Movement through which thousands of students have taken the Desperation Vow to wholeheartedly follow God. In a special partnership with Heartwork Uganda, this album is dedicated to being a source of mission preparation and funding for the building of orphanages in Uganda.

This enhanced CD contains two bonus songs, as well as a special HeartWork video.


  1. You Started It All (Intro)
  2. You Hold It All
  3. Be the Change
  4. Solid Rock
  5. God Be Praised
  6. Dawn Till Dusk (Soaking Session)
  7. Highest Place
  8. Great God
  9. Joy Will Come
  10. The Morning (Soaking Session)
  11. Light of the World
  12. Mercy Is Falling
  13. Burning Tree / Holy Ground
  14. Angel Song
  15. Rescue 
  16. I Am Free


UPC: 000768469125
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