Level Ground

Level Ground

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Brian Doerksen

Format: CD

The stage was empty as Brian Doerksen and his band joined worshipers on the floor, all worshiping God from a place of LEVEL GROUND. "This project is not just a collection of my new worship songs," says Brian. "It began as a simple idea...a picture of grace. We wanted to embrace the intimacy of a small gathering and reserve the stage as a place for people to share their stories of God's grace. This album features the songs from that vision. As you listen, we hope they will bring life to you as they have to us." On the DVD version, you're placed right in the middle of our gathering. You'll experience the music, watch powerful testimonies, witness a painting emerge and hear a new version of "Broken And Beautiful." Whether facilitating personal, small group or corporate worship, Level Ground will invite you into God's presence.


  1. Welcome to the Place of Level Ground
  2. The Jesus Way
  3. Lifelong Passion
  4. Enter the Rest of God
  5. Everything (God in My Living)
  6. Will You Love Me in the Winter
  7. Here Is Love with Give Thanks
  8. No Condemnation
  9. Giver of Life
  10. Altar of Love
  11. Whatever Comes
  12. Thank You for the Cross
  13. First


UPC: 000768485729
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