Let the Church Rise

Let the Church Rise

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Bethany Live with Jonathan Stockstill

Format: CD

Bethany World Prayer Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana isa multi-cultural, evangelical, mission and worship-minded church. The heartbeat of the church is passion for God and compassion for people. Worship leader Jonathan Stockstill's vision is to write and sing songs that will promote God's Kingdom. "Let The Church Rise" was written right before Hurricane Katrina and became an anthem for what God did during that time. The church sponsored over 1000 evacuees from the New Orleans area, and over 800 of these precious people gave their hearts to the Lord.


  1. My God
  2. You Give Me Joy
  3. You Reign
  4. Chasing After You
  5. Come Reveal
  6. Let the Church Rise
  7. Get Ready for Revival
  8. To Deserve
  9. Unfailing Love
  10. Father You're Glorious
  11. We Praise Your Name
  12. My God
  13. You Give Me Joy
  14. You Reign
  15. Chasing After You
  16. Come Reveal
  17. Let the Church Rise
  18. Get Ready for Revival
  19. To Deserve
  20. Unfailing Love
  21. Father You're Glorious
  22. We Praise Your Name
UPC: 000768402528