Leading Worship: Pastoring People and Developing Skill

Leading Worship: Pastoring People and Developing Skill

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Paul Baloche

Format: DVD

As a worship pastor at a small but growing congregation, Paul has spent over 20 years building a worship team from the ground up. Songs like "Open the Eyes of my Heart", "Hosanna", and "Above All" were written in the context of pastoring a local community. Starting with just guitar and vocals to building a culture of worship team volunteers, Paul has become a sought-after teacher on effective and genuine worship leading. In his conversational teaching style, Paul shares many biblical and practical concepts he has learned along the way. In this up-close and personal DVD, Paul and his band share the importance of:
  • Your personal ministry to the Lord
  • Learning to serve before learning to lead
  • Worship as conversation and community
  • Creating a journey of worship
  • Working together with your pastor
  • Sunday morning as the "un-concert"

With 2 1/2 hours of in-depth teaching, guest appearances by Kari Jobe, Jared Anderson, and Shannon Wexelberg, this DVD will inspire you and your team to take on the challenge of leading your congregation to a new and deeper intimacy with the Lord through an authentic worship experience.


UPC: 682483008331
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