La Carta Perfecta

La Carta Perfecta

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Danilo Montero

Format: CD

A native of Costa Rica, Danilo Montero is a worship leader, author and pastor who currently resides in Houston, Texas, where he leads the Spanish-speaking ministry of Lakewood Church (home of pastor Joel Osteen). Having committed his life to Christ as a teen, Danilo went on to commit himself to serving and leading others. His discography includes the Billboard Latin Award-winning and Dove Award-nominated Tu Amor and the Dove-nominated Devocin. His latest album, La Carta Perfecta, was recorded live at Lakewood.


  1. Medley: Solo En Jesús / Por La Sangre
  2. La Carta Perfecta
  3. Dios De Amor
  4. Dios Me Ama
  5. Mi Dios Es Refugio
  6. El Mismo Amor
  7. Correre
  8. Tu Gracia Es Suficiente
  9. Jesús En El Centro
  10. En Tu Amor


UPC: 000768508329
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