Kari Jobe

Kari Jobe

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Kari Jobe

Format: CD

For over 13 years, Kari Jobe has been involved with worship groups that have ministered around the world. In April 2006, she took a position as a Worship Pastor at Gateway Church in Southlake,Texas, where she serves on a regular basis. As a singer/songwriter Kari has written impactful worship songs that congregations sing weekly.


  1. I'm Singing
  2. Healer
  3. Everyone Needs a Little
  4. Joyfully
  5. Beautiful
  6. My Beloved
  7. Singing over Me
  8. No Sweeter Name
  9. Be Still
  10. Sweep Me Away
  11. Revelation Song
  12. You Are for Me


UPC: 000768455029
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