iWorship Resource System DVD W

iWorship Resource System DVD W

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Various Artists

Format: DVD

iWorship Resource System DVD W features seven of today's most popular worship songs set to amazing visuals providing churches with the tools needed to create powerful worship experiences. This new resource will enliven any service and is perfect for churches of any size.


  • Songs from the Original Artists set to Stunning Visuals
  • Powerful Audio/Visual Presentations
  • Integrated On-Screen Lyrics
  • Three Audio Modes (Full Stereo, Split Track, Click Track)
  • Easy-to-use DVD for Churches of any Size


  1. O The Blood
  2. God Be Praised
  3. So Good
  4. Like A Lion
  5. Our Messiah Reigns
  6. Praise Him
  7. Just To Be With You


UPC: 000768501412
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