iWorship Resource System DVD Q

iWorship Resource System DVD Q

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Various Artists

Format: DVD

Integrity's iWorship Resource DVDs combine powerful worship music with today's most advanced audio-visual presentations. Each DVD features a great mix of top worship songs and hymns set against breathtaking videos. Endless options are available including split trax, click audio and lyric/theme options. The result: a total multimedia experience, bringing worship to life. These Resource DVDs are perfect for congregational use, home groups and personal worship.

DVD Features:
  • Seamless worship sets perfect for congregational worship settings
  • Three audio modes (full stereo, split track, click track)
  • ON/OFF Lyric choice with on-screen placement options (top or bottom)
  • Pre-programmed 3-song themed worship sets (iFocus)


  1. Because of Your Love
  2. God You Reign
  3. The Lord Reigns
  4. Came to My Rescue
  5. Hungry
  6. You Are My King
  7. You, You Are God


UPC: 000768473917