iWorship Resource DVD N

iWorship Resource DVD N

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Various Artists

Format: DVD

Integrity's iWorship Resource DVDs combine powerful worship music with today's most advanced audio-visual presentations. Each DVD features a great mix of top worship songs and hymns set against breathtaking videos. Endless options are available including split trax, click audio and lyric/theme options. The result: a total multimedia experience, bringing worship to life. These Resource DVDs are perfect for congregational use, home groups and personal worship.

DVD Features:
  • Seamless worship sets perfect for congregational worship settings
  • Three audio modes (full stereo, split track, click track)
  • ON/OFF Lyric choice with on-screen placement options (top or bottom)
  • Pre-programmed 3-song themed worship sets (iFocus)


  1. Hosanna
  2. My Savior Lives
  3. Everlasting God
  4. Break Through
  5. Still
  6. Holy God
  7. Come Thou Fount, Come Thou King
UPC: 000768422618