iWorship MPEG/QuickTime Video Library W-Z

iWorship MPEG/QuickTime Video Library W-Z

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Various Artists

Format: Multimedia

Featuring many of today's most powerful worship songs, this 4 disc collection is a perfect value priced solution for growing churches and small groups who may not have a live worship band. Includes 28 visual performance tracks featuring well known worship songs that include on-screen lyrics for use with computers and projection software.

Product Features:

  • On Screen Lyrics
  • Inspiring Visuals
  • 3 Audio options: Original Stereo, Split-Track and Click-Track
  • DVD-ROM files in MPEG and Quicktime formats for use with computer and presentation software


    1. O The Blood
    2. God Be Praised
    3. So Good
    4. Like A Lion
    5. Our Messiah Regins
    6. Praise Him
    7. Just To Be With You
    8. Your Love Never Fails
    9. All The Poor And Powerless
    10. God Be Praised
    11. Manifesto
    12. Joyful
    13. This Blood
    14. Great I Am
    15. Shout For Joy
    16. The Same Love
    17. Jesus Precious Jesus
    18. Your Great Name
    19. Strong God
    20. Alive
    21. Overcome
    22. King Of Heaven
    23. Jesus At The Center
    24. Your Presence Is Heaven
    25. According To His Word
    26. Bless The Lord
    27. Take Me To The River
    28. Sovereign Over Us


    UPC: 000768561003
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