iWorship MPEG/QuickTime Video Library O-R

iWorship MPEG/QuickTime Video Library O-R

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Various Artists

Format: Multimedia

This new title features the entire video songlist from Integrity's iWorship Resource System DVDs O-R. Featuring 28 songs, this video song collection provides churches and media personnel flexibility in selecting multiple songs to compile unique, seamless sets for powerful worship services. 4 DVD ROM discs and 3 file versions (demo, split, click) for each song are included.


  1. Love the Lord
  2. Saviour King
  3. Sing
  4. Mighty to Save
  5. New Doxology
  6. Rising
  7. Hosanna
  8. Our God Saves
  9. For All You've Done
  10. In Christ Alone/Solid Rock
  11. From the Inside Out
  12. You Are God Alone
  13. Today Is the Day
  14. Welcome in This Place
  15. Because of Your Love
  16. God You Reign
  17. The Lord Reigns
  18. Came to My Rescue
  19. Hungry
  20. You Are My King
  21. You, You Are God
  22. Ancient Words
  23. Fairest/Fairest Lord Jesus
  24. Grace Like Rain
  25. He Leadeth Me
  26. How Great Thou Art
  27. I Am Yours
  28. Rock of Ages You Will Stand


UPC: 000768474105
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