iWorship Flexx: Jesus At The Center (Volume 16)

iWorship Flexx: Jesus At The Center (Volume 16)

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Various Artists

Format: Multimedia

iWorship Flexx is the all-in-one song lyric projection resource that provides everything growing churches need for Sunday morning worship. Includes visual performance tracks for each song as well as lyric motion backgrounds for use with a live worship band.


  • 7 Powerful Worship songs for Sunday Worship
  • DVD_ROM: For use with nearly all computer based projection software
  • Visual Performance Tracks in 3 Audio Options: (Original Stereo, Split-Track, Click-Track)
  • Lyric Motion Backgrounds: For use in projection software and your own live worship band


  1. King Of Heaven
  2. Jesus At The Center
  3. Your Presence Is Heaven
  4. According To His Word
  5. Bless The Lord
  6. Take Me To The River
  7. Sovereign Over Us


UPC: 000768513712
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