I've Seen Heaven

I've Seen Heaven

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Various Artists

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Heaven has always been a topic of interest, even more so following recent top selling books and major motion pictures that reflect our innate desire to know what comes next? Inspired by the new book I've Seen Heaven, written by the New York Times Best Selling Author Bob Demoss, comes this timeless collection of worship songs. I've Seen Heaven: Songs Of Worship And Revelation, contains popular worship songs sung by original artists. Included are the worship classics "10,000 Reasons", "Here In Your Presence", "Great I Am" and "Revelation Song".


  1. My Hope
  2. This is Your Land
  3. 10,000 Reasons
  4. Great I Am
  5. Your Presence is Heaven
  6. Be Unto Your Name
  7. Heaven is Our Home
  8. Your Faithfulness
  9. Psalm 23
  10. Be Still and Know
  11. When It's All Said and Done
  12. Revelation Song


UPC: 000768613825
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