I Will Sing

I Will Sing

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Don Moen

Format: CD

Recorded live, this best-selling album features Don Moen and vocalists Lenny LeBlanc and Rachel Wilson with songs that are perfect for intimate worship settings like Our Father, Lord You Are Good, and I Will Sing. A DVD version is now available featuring a personalized view of the event with multiple camera angles, on screen lyrics & photos, and a behind-the-scene section with comments from Don.


  1. Sing for Joy
  2. Our Father
  3. River of Love
  4. Lift Up Your Heads
  5. Glory to the Lord
  6. As We Worship You
  7. Two Hands One Heart
  8. Here We Are
  9. Have Your Way
  10. Like Eagles
  11. We Wait
  12. I Will Sing
  13. Lord You Are Good
  14. Lord We've Come to Worship
  15. Our Father Overture
  16. Sing for Joy
  17. Our Father
  18. River of Love
  19. Lift Up Your Heads
  20. Glory to the Lord
  21. As We Worship You
  22. Two Hands One Heart
  23. Here We Are
  24. Have Your Way
  25. Like Eagles
  26. We Wait
  27. I Will Sing
  28. Lord You Are Good
  29. Lord We've Come to Worship
  30. Sing for Joy
  31. Our Father
  32. River of Love
  33. Lift Up Your Heads
  34. Glory to the Lord
  35. As We Worship You
  36. Two Hands One Heart
  37. Here We Are
  38. Have Your Way
  39. Like Eagles
  40. We Wait
  41. I Will Sing
  42. Lord You Are Good
  43. Lord We've Come to Worship
UPC: 000768178225