I Love You

I Love You

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Various Artists

Format: CD

Each gentle lullaby nurtures and soothes little ones (and their mothers) during nap time, play time, or anytime in between. For infants and toddlers, these seamless lullabies of love and blessing celebrate the unique and precious life of sons and daughters.


  1. Tick-Tock
  2. My-O-My-O Little Joy-O
  3. You Are a Blessing
  4. Rocking Chair Prayer
  5. The Blessing Song
  6. Love Lullaby
  7. Beautiful Baby
  8. So Rest
  9. Good Night Baby
  10. Teddy Is Ready
  11. Lullaby Waltz
  12. Handmade by God
  13. Forever in My Heart
  14. Somewhere, Someone
  15. Alleluia Lullaby
  16. Memories
  17. Angels
  18. Shalom
  19. Go to Sleep My Little One
  20. Dreams


UPC: 000768045329
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