I Belong Split Tracks

I Belong Split Tracks

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Kathryn Scott

Format: CD Trax

Northern Ireland's Kathryn Scott is well-known for her stellar writing and passionate vocals on the album Hungry (200,000 units sold). In her first studio release, Kathryn builds on these successes with a fresh offering of songs that flow from the deep river of worship in her heart. I Belong offers eleven worship songs that cut through life's complexities, expressing the wonderful truths of her faith and love for God. With musical styles reminiscent of Sara Groves and Norah Jones, the spirit of the music is all Kathryn Scott. Sing along and point worshipers to the one, true, living God.


  1. Tracks
  2. Beyond Us
  3. Everything Changes
  4. How Could I Ever Say Thank You
  5. No Turning Back
  6. I Belong
  7. You Gave Your Life Away
  8. Thank You For the Cross
  9. Will Justice Reign
  10. Grace Has Called My Name
  11. What a Friend
  12. Love Rescue Me


UPC: 000768423196
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