The Hymn Makers Best Loved Hymns 2

The Hymn Makers Best Loved Hymns 2

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Having sold over 500,000 units, The Hymn Makers series has proved the enduring popularity of classic church hymns. These songs of substance have passed from generation to generation, and on Best Loved Hymns 2 listeners can now reconnect with fourteen timeless classics. "Here Is Love", "I Vow To Thee My Country" and "We Plough The Fields And Scatter" are all included, as well as the Welsh favorite "Calon Lan" - one of the strongest unofficial anthems you could ever hope to find.


  1. All Glory Laud and Honour
  2. Angel Voices
  3. Be Still My Soul
  4. Calon Lan
  5. Holy Holy Holy
  6. I Vow to thee My Country
  7. Lead Kindly Light
  8. Let All Mortal Flesh
  9. Mi Glywaf Dyner Lais
  10. Here is Love
  11. My Song is a Love Unknown
  12. O Jesus I Have Promised
  13. We Plough the Fields and Scatter
  14. Round The Lord in Glory Seated


UPC: 5019282313628
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