Holy God

Holy God

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Brian Doerksen

Format: CD

From the majestic sounds of the new worship classic Holy God through the masterful duet with Christine Dente on He Is Here to the upbeat sounds of Light The Fire Again and Change Me On The Inside ... Brian Doerksen's new album Holy God is a worship experience that will take you on an Ancient/Future journey beginning in the throne room of God, then leading you back to serve in the midst of His world.


  1. Your Love Will Find Me
  2. You Are My Home
  3. Show Me Your Way
  4. Triune God
  5. I Don't Need Anything but You
  6. Our Father in Heaven
  7. He Is Here
  8. Holy God
  9. Song for the Bride
  10. Hear Us Call
  11. Be Unto Your Name
  12. Light the Fire Again
  13. Change Me on the Inside
  14. Your Love Will Find Me
  15. You Are My Home
  16. Show Me Your Way
  17. Triune God
  18. I Don't Need Anything but You
  19. Our Father in Heaven
  20. He Is Here
  21. Holy God
  22. Song for the Bride
  23. Hear Us Call
  24. Holy Holy Holy
  25. Be Unto Your Name
  26. Light the Fire Again
  27. Change Me on the Inside
UPC: 000768412527