Hiding Place

Hiding Place

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Don Moen

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Don Moen has led worship on six continents, sold over five million units around the globe, and has been witness to the global worship explosion happening in the Church today. His songs have left a lasting impression on churches and Christians all over the world, positioning him as a leader in this global worship movement. Driven by a renewed desire to lead others to experience the presence of God, Don seeks to take worshipers on a journey to a deeper level of faith. Hiding Place creates an atmosphere of true worship allowing you to praise God through song and experience His awesome power! Don't miss this powerful new CD from one of America's best loved worship leaders!

Resources for Hiding Place include: CD Trax, Songbook, WLA (CD Rom Songbook) and Orchestrations.


  1. Hiding Place
  2. He Never Sleeps
  3. Sacrifice of Praise
  4. All the Earth
  5. Fresh Fire
  6. With a Thankful Heart
  7. Lead Me Through the Night
  8. Hear Us from Heaven
  9. Break Through
  10. Revelation Song
  11. Psalm 23
  12. Be Still And Know


UPC: 000768400623
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