Here I Am Send Me (Live)

Here I Am Send Me (Live)

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Darlene Zschech

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Here I Am Send Me, Darlene Zschech’s new live worship album, has a few firsts. It is her first album since being treated for cancer, and her first recording at Hope Unlimited Church where she and her husband Mark are pastors. Featuring new songs written by Darlene with established writers Martin Smith, Paul Baloche, and Leeland and Jenn Johnson, her album also features songs co-written with writers from their church. Various members of Hope Unlimited Church join Darlene in co-leading each song. Strong threads of both the greatness of God and the mandate to carry out the Great Commission permeate the album, inviting us to take worship to the nations and our neighbor alike. Based in the local church, all the songs of Here I Am Send Me are used in worship times at Darlene’s home church and are relatable and powerful for local churches around the world to use in congregational worship settings.


  1. You Are Great
  2. You Will Be Praised (feat. Amanda Batterham)
  3. Daylight (feat. Beth Gleeson)
  4. Kingdom Come (feat. Thom Macken)
  5. First Love (feat. Luke Taylor)
  6. Love And Wonder (feat. Zoe Zschech)
  7. Your Eyes
  8. Emmanuel
  9. Beloved (When I Survey) [feat. Pati Telea]
  10. Here I Am Send Me
  11. Go


UPC: 0000768682890
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