Heaven Come Closer

Heaven Come Closer

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Corey Voss & Madison Street Worship

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Heaven Come Closer is the soundtrack of the revival happening at Gateway Church in Shelbyville, TN, a multi-generational, multi-cultural Tennessee congregation situated on the small town’s main thoroughfare of Madison Street and home of Corey Voss & Madison Street Worship. The church has more than 1,000 members as a revival sparks in the small, rural city. Voss is no newcomer to songwriting as he has six songs in the CCLI Top 2,000, including hits “Nothing But The Blood,” “I Got Saved,” and “Praise Your Name.” He’s co-written alongside industry-leading writers Michael Farren, Lauren Daigle, Paul Baloche, Leslie Jordan, Jared Anderson and Dustin Smith and currently co-wrote the title track on Matt Redman’s Let There Be Wonder album.

Madison Street Worship is the church’s worship ministry. They call themselves a collective of shepherds, songwriters, worship leaders, and creatives. They have a heart to serve the body of Christ both locally and globally and their mission is to boldly walk in the presence of God and to see His Kingdom crash into the region of Middle Tennessee and beyond. Members of Madison Street Worship include: Corey Voss, Baily Hager, Harley Rowell, Lee Bataller, Jenna Bataller, and Olivia Bush.

“In light of recent events and the chaos that has been going on in our world, I w as re-listening to this record and thinking, how powerful is it for us to say, ‘We can’t live a day without you,’” explains Jenna Bataller about the upcoming album. “God we really need ‘heaven to come’ because the world is so messed up right now. We need you to come and bring peace and set things right. So that’s our prayer with these songs…Heaven Come Closer.”

Corey Voss & Masison Street Worship will also be touring this year taking their revival beyond their church.


  1. Dancing On The Grave (Feat. Corey Voss)
  2. Highest Praise (Feat. Baily Hagar)
  3. Let There Be Wonder (Feat. Corey Voss)
  4. Miracle In Motion (Feat. Corey Voss)
  5. Miracle In Motion (Reprise) [Feat. Corey Voss]
  6. Look What God Has Done (Feat. Harley Rowell)
  7. You Remind Me (Feat. Jenna Bataller)
  8. God Of Salvation (I Still Believe) [Feat. Baily Hager]
  9. Let It All Go (Feat. Corey Voss)
  10. Let It All Go (Reprise) [Feat. Corey Voss]
  11. Solid Rock (Hell Or High Water) [Feat. Olivia Calderwood Bush]
  12. Heaven Come Closer (Feat. Jenna Bataller)


UPC:  0000768736821
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