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The City Harmonic

Format: CD

Juno Award-winning worshippers The City Harmonic continue their symphonic journey of imagination with their much-anticipated release, Heart. Deepening their spiritual roots in the hopes and fears of real life and revealing the heart and art of the band, Heart connects to that missing piece in all of us. Whether in pop explosion or in ethereal ballad, these new songs give us permission to sing out in hope, in hurt, from the heart.


  1. Here And There
  2. Brand New
  3. Long Walk Home
  4. 1+1
  5. Live Love
  6. A City On A Hill
  7. Glory
  8. Songs Of Longing, Joy And Peace
  9. Love, Heal Me
  10. Alive, Alive
  11. Take Heart
  12. Strong
  13. Praise The Lord
  14. My Jesus, I Love Thee


UPC: 000768523124
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