He Is Exalted

He Is Exalted

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Twila Paris

Format: CD

Twila Paris has written many hymns and worship songs that are part of church services every week around the world. Today, she continues to excel in that ministry with He Is Exalted: Live Worship her first-ever LIVE recording! Intimate and energetic, He Is Exalted: Live Worship features 8 NEW songs, new versions of the Twila classics "He Is Exalted" and "God Is In Control," plus worship favorites "Days Of Elijah" and "We All Bow Down." This album of vibrant, new songs is appropriate for corporate worship in traditional, blended and even more modern worship settings. Worship Resources Include Songbook, Full CD Trax, Worship Leader Assistant (CD-ROM Songbook) and Orchestration.


  1. Hosanna
  2. Lifted Higher
  3. All Things Work Together
  4. Messiah
  5. Enter In
  6. You Are Holy
  7. We Have Seen Your Glory (John 1)
  8. Hold Me Close
  9. Days of Elijah
  10. We All Bow Down
  11. Hosanna
  12. Lifted Higher
  13. All Things Work Together
  14. Messiah
  15. Enter In
  16. You Are Holy
  17. We Have Seen Your Glory (John 1)
  18. Hold Me Close
  19. Days of Elijah
  20. We All Bow Down
  21. He Is Exalted
  22. God Is in Control
  23. Hosanna
  24. Lifted Higher
  25. All Things Work Together
  26. Messiah
  27. Enter In
  28. You Are Holy
  29. We Have Seen Your Glory (John 1)
  30. Hold Me Close
  31. Days of Elijah
  32. We All Bow Down
UPC: 000768338728