God My Rock

God My Rock

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Brenton Brown

Format: CD

A South African native and acclaimed worship leader, Brenton Browns journey changed when he moved to England and joined Oxford Vineyard. Though still young, Brenton wrote some of the Churchs best-loved songs: "Your Love Is Amazing", "Lord Reign In Me" & "Holy, Holy, Holy". Through a difficult season of health challenges and thinking his days at the front of the church were over, a dramatic revelation of Gods sustaining power transformed everything. Out of that season came the modern day classic "Everlasting God". Now with the wealth of those experiences behind him comes the declaration God My Rock. This new 15-track worship release includes 14 live worship songs and the radio version of the title track.


  1. Our God Is Mercy
  2. Joyful
  3. God My Rock
  4. Jesus Take All Of Me (Just As I Am)
  5. Send Us Out
  6. Wonderful Redeemer
  7. Jesus My Victory (Communion Song)
  8. Hosanna (Praise Is Rising)
  9. Word Of God
  10. Humble King
  11. Glorious
  12. Like The Angels
  13. I Saw The Light
  14. Everlasting God / How He Loves


UPC: 5019282331820
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