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Paul Baloche

Format: CD

Paul Baloche is one of today's most influential worship writers. He has written songs that are shaping worship services all over the world. From "Open The Eyes Of My Heart" and "Above All," to "Your Name" and "Hosanna," Paul has crafted some of the most influential songs in church culture. On Glorious, the highly anticipated follow-up to Our God Saves, Paul promises to deliver 11 new songs that will lead you into personal and corporate worship. It is time for a Glorious worship experience.


  1. Glorious
  2. You Have Saved Us
  3. Just to Be with You
  4. Wonderful God
  5. How Great Is the Love
  6. To the Cross
  7. Today Is the Day
  8. Shaken
  9. We Will Hold On
  10. Almighty
  11. A New Hallelujah


UPC: 000768472927
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