Gateway Worship Voices feat. Kari Jobe CD+DVD

Gateway Worship Voices feat. Kari Jobe CD+DVD

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Gateway Worship, Kari Jobe

Format: 1CD + 1DVD


Gateway Worship Voices feat. Kari Jobe is the ultimate collection of Kari Jobe’s greatest worship moments...all in one collection! Featuring powerful songs like, "Revelation Song", "O The Blood", "You Are For Me" and many more, this new collection includes the original recordings that highlight the incredible live worship of Kari Jobe at Gateway Church! Gateway Worship Voices feat. Kari Jobe includes the original audio recordings, bonus lyric videos, chord charts, lead sheets and more. The CD/DVD combo will find a home in personal worship and the bonus resources are perfect for small groups and churches alike.

Enhanced Bonus DVD Includes: 

Lyric Videos (Stereo/split-track/click-track versions):

  • Revelation Song
  • O The Blood
  • You Are For Me


  1. No Sweeter Name
  2. Holy Holy Holy (Savior And King)
  3. You Are Good
  4. Revelation Song
  5. Pure
  6. Alabaster Jar (feat. Walker Beach)
  7. We Cry Out
  8. Worship The Great I Am
  9. You Are For Me
  10. O The Blood
  11. My Beloved (Bonus)


UPC: 0000768674093
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