Gateway Worship Voices feat. Thomas Miller CD+DVD

Gateway Worship Voices feat. Thomas Miller CD+DVD

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Gateway Worship

Format: 1CD + 1DVD

This new release in the Voices series of live worship albums highlights the incredible ministry of Thomas Miller, along with the worship team of Gateway Church. Gateway Worship is well known for their powerful worship and songs like "O The Blood", "Come Thou Fount Come Thou King", "Revelation Song"and many, many more.  Each Voices release includes audio along with bonus concert video, lyric videos, lyrics and chord charts to make it perfect for personal worship as well as congregational use.


  1. Be Lifted Higher
  2. The Lord Reigns
  3. Praise Him
  4. Come Thou Fount Come Thou King
  5. Victorious
  6. You, You Are God
  7. God of My Days
  8. New Doxology
  9. Glorify You Alone
  10. The Whole Earth


UPC: 0000768677292
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