Forever Yours

Forever Yours

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Gateway Worship

Format: CD

Forever Yours is a live worship album led by an electric group of singers and worship leaders like, Thomas Miller, Kari Jobe, David Moore and Walker Beach. It unfolds a story of being found in Him, and ultimately being redeemed and restored to the One and only God.

With powerful anthems such as "Not Ashamed" and "Be Lifted Higher", and heart-felt songs of admiration and desire like "Forever Yours", this journey of worship will meet you where you are, in all seasons of life. This album is filled with beautiful moments of inspiration, and genuine anthems of gratitude that celebrate more than anything else, that we are forever His.


  1. Not Ashamed
  2. Be Lifted Higher
  3. As We Pray
  4. Forever Yours
  5. Mystery
  6. Love Has Done It
  7. God and King
  8. All He Says I am
  9. The Father’s Love
  10. 139
  11. We Will See
  12. Worship The Great I Am
  13. The Whole Earth


UPC: 878207008620
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