Firm Foundation

Firm Foundation

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Selah, releases their first project Firm Foundation through Integrity Music. It is their hope that when people listen to Firm Foundation they will have a worship experience, to not just listen and enjoy the songs, but to experience what they mean. Throughout this project you will hear all sorts of musical styles as well as their signature sound of vocal harmony. From the upbeat praise songs to the deep introspective songs like, My Soul be Satisfied, they are believing that people will grab ahold of the lyrics and let them work in their life. We hope that through these songs people will be encouraged, comforted and will be drawn to the creativity, hope and love of God!



    1. Let The Saints Sing
    2. Jesus Is King
    3. Firm Foundation
    4. Always Gonna Be
    5. My Soul Be Satisfied
    6. Yet Not I, But Through Christ In Me
    7. The Sound Of Love
    8. I Belong To Jesus
    9. He Will Hold Me Fast
    10. No Sweeter Name
    11. Benediction (As You Go)


UPC: 0000768727829

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