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Travis Ryan

Format: CD

A study in contradictions, Travis Ryan's tenor voice is a surprising combination of superb technical skill and as one reviewer puts it, street weathered grit. Ryan's music is the beneficiary of a style that is as inspired as it is original. Described as a true worship leader, Travis Ryan aims to write songs for the church - true to form, yet beyond expectation. As a worship leader for Saddleback Church, Travis Ryan has lead worship for such organizations as Campus Crusade for Christ, Student Venture, The Purpose Driven Life Worship Conference, and at numerous universities.


  1. Love That Has Won
  2. Battle Song
  3. Jesus Precious Jesus
  4. The Wrestling
  5. Most High
  6. Jesus My Victory
  7. Awaken Us
  8. Fearless
  9. My Devotion
  10. You Are With Me Still
  11. Chase


UPC: 000768506424
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