Este Es El Tiempo

Este Es El Tiempo

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Dove Award nominees Vertical is credited as the first in bringing the modern worship movement to Latin America. Their new 10-track CD Este Es El Tiempo (Now Is The Time), continues their pioneering ways as they push forward their Guatemalan influenced modern worship sound to Spanish speaking worshippers here and abroad.


  1. Este Es El Tiempo (This is the time)
  2. Mi Confianza Eres Tu (My trust is in you)
  3. Toma Todo De Mi (Take all of me)
  4. Glorioso Salvador (Glorious Savior)
  5. Poderoso Dios (Mighty God)
  6. Sabias Mi Nombre (You knew my name)
  7. Santo Dios (Holy God)
  8. Lluvia (Rain)
  9. Aleluya (Halleluya)
  10. Santo, Santo, Santo (Holy, Holy, Holy)


UPC: 000768494721