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Aaron Keyes

Format: CD

Dwell album by Aaron Keyes was released Jun 21, 2011 on the Kingsway Music label. Aaron Keyes' second project with Kingsway Music projects his deliberate approach to modern worship. He reserves his passion for small bursts -- a chorus here, an introduction there -- and garnishes his simple anthems with ambient guitar and small helpings of synth


  1. O My Soul
  2. I Am Not The Same
  3. Sovereign
  4. Song Of Moses
  5. Dwell
  6. In The Name Of God
  7. Only Just Begun
  8. Sinless Savior
  9. Life Without My God
  10. Raised Me Up
  11. Every Knee Will Bow Down
  12. Hope Is Dawning
  13. Lavish Your Love


UPC: 5019282323627
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