Dwell: Christmas

Dwell: Christmas

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David & Nicole Binion

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There's a sound being released that's like no other. It is a cry of a generation with a heart longing for God. This sound transcends race, age and denomination. Grammy Award nominated singer/songwriter Pastor William McDowell along with friends captured this sound during an unforgettable night of worship in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Thousands gathered for the birthing of new songs that spiritually ushered all that were there into Deep Places. Full of new songs for the church: "The Cry" is the sound that is rising from earth and heaven is responding. It is a new anthem, birthed at Deeper Fellowship Church as a result of more than 300 miracles that have been experienced within the ministry lead by McDowell. "Nothing Like Your Presence" featuring Travis Greene and Nathaniel Bassey and "How Great You Are" featuring Yolanda Adams are two powerful songs of declarations. "Don't Want to Leave" featuring Grammy Award winning Producer Aaron Lindsey seals the night with a moment of personal surrender for all who attended. "The Cry" also features: Tasha Cobbs-Leonard, David and Nicole Binion and Trinity Anderson.



  1. Let Us Adore
  2. Glory To God
  3. The Reason (Feat. William McDowell)
  4. Making Room (Prelude)
  5. Making Room
  6. Making Room/ Let Every Heart (Spontaneous)
  7. Hope Awakes ( Feat. Steffany Gretzinger)
  8. A Merry Merry Christmas (Feat. Ava Brookman, James Gross, Carson David Binion & Kids Choir)
  9. I Pray On Christmas (Feat. Daniel Johnson)
  10. SIlent Night (Feat. MDSN)
  11. Christmas Carol Medley (Feat. Daniel Johnson, Jeremiah Woods, Taylor Poole, Trinity Anderson, Tina Baker)
  12. God With Us (Feat. Potter's House Choir)
  13. God With Us/ Immanuel (Spontaneous) [Feat. Steffany Gretzinger]



UPC: 0000768727126
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