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David & Nicole Binion

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David and Nicole Binion have been serving the Church for two decades, leading worship, writing, recording (Sand & Stars, Take Heart, Kingdom, The Sound Of Heaven) and teaching. After a 10-year season as worship pastors at Covenant Church in Dallas, the couple felt God reawakening a long-held vision to raise up and mentor a new generation of worshipers and worship leaders. Launching Dwell Ministries last year, David and Nicole now host Dwell nights across the US. The couple also hosts TBN’s flagship “Praise!” program and it is with
TBN that they are recording their first Dwell album, featuring special guests William McDowell, Tasha Cobbs Leonard, BJ Putnam and their daughter and fellow Integrity recording artist, MDSN.



  1. All Creation
  2. How Great (Medley) - featuring William McDowell
  3. Doxology - featuring Tasha Cobbs Leonard
  4. Gate of Heaven
  5. All Things
  6. Song Of My Heart
  7. So Good
  8. All Because You’re Here - featuring MDSN
  9. Follow (My Soul Follows)
  10. Hunger – featuring MDSN
  11. I Can’t Stay Here
  12. Joy Never Ending
  13. Be Still (BONUS)


UPC: 0000768715628
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