Dile Al Corazón Que Camine

Dile Al Corazón Que Camine

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Jacobo Ramos

Format: CD

Singer/Songwriter and Pastor Jacobo Ramos has written hit songs for many of todays Latin Christian artists, and on the debut single of his latest project, Dile Al Corazón Que Camine, Ramos once again hits the top of the charts with his sweeping ballad :Si Acaso Se Me Olivda:. Latin superstar, Alex Campos, also makes a special guest duet vocal on the song, "Me Has Conocido". Dile Al Corazón Que Camine captures the heart of a shepherd and empowers the listener to be an overcomer.


  1. Intro Dile Al Corazón
  2. Que Camine
  3. Piano Outro
  4. Te Alabaré
  5. Qué Pasaría
  6. Intro En Mi Casa
  7. Si Acaso Se Me Olvida
  8. Outro
  9. Cristo Te Amo
  10. Me Has Conocido
  11. Vivo Agradecido
  12. Tanto Bien
  13. Donde Esta
  14. Tengo Libertad
  15. Luces De La Cuidad
  16. Por Mi Nación
  17. Me Haces Nuevo
  18. Outro


UPC: 000768484722
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