Desert Rain

Desert Rain

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Paul Wilbur

Format: CD

Recorded LIVE in Israel, Desert Rain is a vibrant worship experience featuring the best Messianic worship songs of our day. Paul Wilbur and over 5,000 worshipers gathered to sing over the nation of Israel and pray for healing rain that would bring new life to dry hearts and desert lands.


  1. Zealous over Zion
  2. Out of Zion
  3. Mountains of Israel
  4. Hallelu Et Adonai
  5. I Will Never Leave You
  6. Why Should I Be Afraid
  7. You Are
  8. Blessed Is the Lord
  9. Who Is Like Thee
  10. The Diamond Turns
  11. Behold the Lamb
  12. Salvation Belongs to Our God


UPC: 000768476529
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